Conference Overview


Music and sound is an integral part of the film and new media, however, the relation between sound and media (film, TV, game industries) as well as the ways to apply this relation in practice still need to be properly researched.

Gathering for the second time to Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre for the issue of Music and Sound Design in Film and New/Media (previous edition: History and Challenges, 2013), this time GEECT Autumn Conference’2017 will focus on meeting Theory with Practice, creating a space for researchers, sound and image artists, teachers of GEECT and other schools to share theoretical experiences and gain some practical insight into the role and tools of this particular field as Music and Sound in Film and New/Media.


  • Changes in role and function of music in film/new media,
  • Practice of teaching soundtracks,
  • The craft and the business of film sound,
  • Case studies of film music and sound design practices,
  • Discussions how to improve film sound studies, and make them more relevant and attractive,
  • Future of film sound (overlapping of film, TV and computer games principles, interactivity, personalization and etc.).

These topics will be discussed from different perspectives of composer, director, sound designer, researcher, industry expert, and others. Expected keynote speakers are Michel Chion (France), Claudia Gorbman (Washington University, USA), Larry Sider (School of Sound in London, UK), Stephen Deutsch (Bournemouth University, UK), as well as GEECT/CILECT representatives.

THE FORMAT OF THE CONFERENE consists of a series of keynotes, presentations and master classes during the period of 3 days, including individual break-out sessions, where delegates will discuss issues with presenters in-depth. We pursue 20 minutes of presentation + 10 minutes of discussion model for delegates and 40 minutes of presentation + 20 minutes of discussion model for keynote speakers and master classes. The conference language is English.

Full structure of the year 2017 event will also include International workshop for students (September 24-27) before the Conference, where on late Wednesday 27th evening arriving conference participants will be presented with workshop results. Thursday 28 th  and Friday 29 th   – two dense days of Conference and on Saturday 30th morning – half day of Master Classes.

Main programme of the Conference will be also supported by cultural events, which will include film screenings and the concert of musique concrète by Michel Chion.