1. Workshop venue – “MISC”
(LMTA Music Innovation Studies Centre)

LMTA Music Innovation Studies Centre, established in 2010 by implementing national integrated programme project “Development of technological and informational infrastructure for Lithuanian creative and cultural industries’ studies, research and artistic practice“. MiSC is focusing its activities on synergy of arts, research and technologies in the context of local and international programmes.  MiSC is headed by composer Mantautas Krukauskas.






2. Conference Venue, Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania

(Gedimino ave. 51, Vilnius)


3. Concert venue, CAC Cinema Hall

(Vokieciu str. 2, Vilnius)

The CAC Cinema pays special attention to presenting the world cinema. It is constantly looking for manifestations of new cinematic expressions, experiments, distinct forms of narration and overpasses the standard boundaries between film types and genres. The CAC Cinema encompasses institutional division and encourages interaction between art world and film world. It also offers previously very rare opportunities for the artists to exhibit their films on the big screen in Lithuania. In the country which doesn’t have a cinematheque, CAC Cinema on constant basis offers retrospectives and reflections on film history, combining it with contemporary film discourse. The CAC Cinema collaborates with film festivals and other Lithuanian and international film and contemporary art institutions.